Combining physIO and fmriprep

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I am looking for some insights about combining regressors obtained with physIO toolbox (Kasper et al., 2017) and confounds from fmriprep (Esteban et al., 2017).

A potential idea would be to use 24 motion regressors from fmriprep + respiratory and cardiac regressors from physIO. However, I saw that WM and CSF confounds are also often added to GLM. So I was wondering whether there is something known about the correlation between WM and CSF confounds and physiological regressors obtained with physIO?

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Hi NickNeuro,

As shown in the CompCor paper, the first principal components (e.g. 5) of WM and CSF voxels are able to describe physiological fluctuations as modelled with RETROICOR. See Figure 5 of the paper:

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