Command Line access to ADNI

Hi there,
I am attempting to download large quantities of data to a HPC from ADNI. I’ve attempted using curl and wget based on the link provided by the advanced downloader, but receive a 403.

Has anyone previously managed to download data from ADNI via command line?

Many thanks,

Hi Chris

I have tried to accomplish this for a while with only limited success. I am able to to download the file with wget using the link generated by the advanced downloader as you described. I use no tags for this (no --user, --password or anything similar), but make sure to insert the link in quotes. This only works when I use wget on the device from which the the “advanced download” was generated, i.e. I cannot generate the link in Google Chrome from my personal device and then use wget with the link from another device. This leads me to believe that some of the process depends on your device having the right cookies. I hope this helps somewhat - please let me know if you find a full solution.

Best regards
Christian Hinge

I am also having hard time downloading ADNI to HPC, asked for uget or similar downloader but HPC setup is not suitable for such downloaders. Also is there a way to generate ida-loni links without gui?