Conducting a PET meta-analysis with manual selection of studies

This is more of a general question about NiMARE function, but I’m trying to figure out if I can use it for my intended purpose. I’m looking at the potential for doing a meta-analysis on PET outcomes but there are very few PET studies in the various repositories natively used by NiMARE.

Is doing such a meta-analysis feasible and is doing so as “simple” as mimicking the CSV approach here: Coordinate and image metaanalysis with NiMARE | Kaggle?

What other aspects of this (specifically from a NiMARE perspective) would be over-simplified by creating a dataset in this manner and then following the examples/tutorials in the documentation? I know that this is a bit vague, but I’m in the beginning stages of even thinking about this and trying to organize a plan before I get too far down a rabit hole.



You should be able to NiMARE as outlined in the documentation with PET data, nothing special (wrt NiMARE) about whether the coordinates come from fMRI or PET.

We are working on a platform neurosynth-compose if you would like our platform to help create the dataset and perform the meta-analysis.


That sounds tremendous. I’ll look at neurosynth-compose and get back with you if I have questions.