Config file based on SeriesNumber given two T1 scans with almost identical header


I am new to bids and have a question about the configuration file used by dcm2bids. I have two T1 gad scans obtained at two time point and they are have pretty much same tags except acquisition time and the series number. Is there a way to chose the first one in the config json file? something like this,

            "method": "first",
            "field": "SeriesNumber"

Thank you!

Hi @excomdo81 and welcome to Neurostars!

This is tricky, because it is typically not a good idea to use a SeriesNumber as a matching criterion, as this may not be constant across scans (e.g., if you have to redo a scan before it). However, in the case that multiple acquisitions match the same criteria, the run-X label will automatically be added to the filename by dcm2bids, so any changes you need to make to your files can be done knowing that the fist/second runs will have the run-01 and run-02 labels, respectively.


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