Confusion matrix plus undecided

Dear All,

I’m trying to use this new option of a confusion matrix with a separate column for ties in the clasification. I’m using:

cfg.results.output = { ‘confusion_matrix_plus_undecided’};

Whenever I use this option I get this error:

Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in transres_confusion_matrix_plus_undecided (line 142)
** majority_pred_ind = repmat(all_ulabels’, size(dv, 1), 1) == repmat(majority_pred_class, 1, size(dv, 2));**

Error in decoding_transform_results (line 260)
** output = feval(fhandle,decoding_out,chancelevel,cfg,data);**

Error in decoding_generate_output (line 35)
** output = decoding_transform_results(curr_output,decoding_out,chancelevel,cfg,data);**

Error in decoding (line 568)
** results = decoding_generate_output(cfg,results,decoding_out,i_decoding,curr_decoding,current_data);**

Error in SZEWCZ_digits_mvpa_basic_BUTPROPER (line 118)
** results = decoding(cfg);**

Do you have any idea what could be wrong?


Thanks for the bugreport. It would be great if you could write me an email so we can figure this out. You can find my email address e.g. on our TDT paper.


We’ve solved the problem and uploaded the fix on the TDT webpage (as version 3.999E2).

The problem only occurs in ver 3.999E1 which was online for online very short. Thanks for the bugreport!