Conn 22a permissions problem

Summary of what happened:

I installed connn22a in my groups directory on the HPC, but other people have trouble accessing it (there is some kind of permissions problem). I tried adding very permissive permissions to no avail. There are many other Matlab neuroimaging tools that I have installed in this shared directory, e.g., SPM, conn21a etc. There are not permissions problems with any of them.


conn22a vs conn21a

Environment (Docker, Singularity, custom installation):

HPC and Matlab

Does anyone have insight into the following permissions problem? Oddly, the default installation of conn21a in the same directory has no permission issue. Thoughts? What am I missing?

Hi @Dianne_Patterson,

Can you just run chmod -R 777 /path/to/conn_installation and see if that helps?


Hi Steven,

I had previously tried chmod -R ugo+rwx, but never chmod -R 777. After a couple of hiccoughs, 777 seems to have done the trick! I had not previously understood that chmod 777 behaved a little differently.

I still don’t understand what changed between the two versions of conn, but thanks for the suggestion because at least I can share the tool now!

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It turns out that 22a was released with permissions only for the owner. It iwas necessary to add read permission to all files and execute permission to all directories. The issue was an oversight and the developers are now aware of the problem, so it probably won’t happen to anyone else.