Convert data to BIDS format

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I would like to know if someone has a very generic script I could use to convert my data to BIDS format.
My script is not the most efficient and every time I use an other data structure, I have to re-do some modification on the script.
It is very time consuming and not very efficient.

I would really appreciate,

Solutions I know of:

Going from DICOMS to BIDS datasets (with folder structure):

Going from DICOMS to NIFTI + BIDS JSON sidecar:

Going from old OpenfMRI format to BIDS:

Going from HCP to BIDS:


Thank you very much,
Will be very helpful !

My fork of dcm2bids is feature complete for fMRI - given the right inputs you can generate a bids dataset that passes the validator with one call.


You should also check out this series of tutorials:

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