Convert NDA data to BIDS

I obtained the dMRI data from the NDA, and there were four files in total: “MR_dMRI_dir107_AP”, MR_dMRI_dir107_PA, MR_dMRI_dir99_AP, MR_dMRI_dir99_PA。

How do I get it to convert to BIDS?Its scanning rules and my attempts to give it to BIDS formats are as follows.

Diffusion MRI (dMRI) 1.5mm isotropic, MB acceleration factor of 4, 92 directions in each shell
(b=1500 and 3000) acquired twice: once with AP and once with PA phase encoding. The first two
acquisitions include 3 additional directions at b=200 and 6 directions at b=500 to improve
modeling of fast diffusion processes such as free water.