Convert PAR/REC into BIDS

Hi, Im trying to convert PAR/REC files into BIDS format. Currently I have PAR/REC files of 90 RBD patient. My assignment is to convert them into BIDS format and perform fMRIprep.
I don’t have config.yml for my PAR/REC files. should I have to make my own config.yml? like custom?

Please help me y’all.


Are you using bidsify for your conversion?

Other option for converting PAR/REC format is to use the bidscoin converter:

Hi, im trying yo use bidsify to convert PAR/REC into BIDS format. but I don’t know whether I should make my own .yml file or not.

This is what my PAR/REC file looks like. I’ve been working on this issue for 1 week…please help me.

yes I am. However, I’m having a trouble in using .yaml file. Should I have to make my own config.yaml file?

I don’t know this software so I cannot answer this question specifically but I would suggest you switch to using a BIDS converter that is still maintained.

BIDScoin seems to be able to support PAR/REC and is clearly maintained and has a responsive support team so that would seem like a good choice.


BIDScoin worked for me!!! thanks


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