Converting ADNI dataset to BIDS format

Summary of what happened:

I’m trying to convert some ADNI3 subs to BIDS format. I tried the adni-to-bids from Clinica, but I cannot make it work.

Just wondenring if someone knows an alternative to this software…

(Aside from making my own Python scrpt)


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@vs-jose.pineda if you decide to write your own script, GitHub - nipy/heudiconv: A flexible DICOM converter for organizing brain imaging data into structured directory layouts might make it little easy… I worked with adni2bids using heudiconv in past but dont have heuristic file anymore. Hope this is helpful to some extent …

Hi @Suyash_Bhogawar ,

I really appreciate it. I’ve been playing with dcm2bids too… The more options, more chances to succeed.

Thanks again, Suyash.