Converting .mgz Results to Vertices

Dear Neurostars community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on analyzing PRF (Population Receptive Field) data and seeking some guidance regarding a specific challenge I encountered.

I have successfully performed the “analyzePRF” on a dataset, which provided me with PRF values. My objective is to compare my results with the PRF results they provided. However, their data is in .mgz format and seems to be in volumetric space (volumes). To make a comparison in the same vertices (space) as my own data, I tried converting their results to vertices using the following command:

mri_vol2surf --src ~/Desktop/NYU/derivatives/prfanalyze-vista/sub-wlsubj001/ses-nyu3t01/lh.eccen.mgz --regheader sub-wlsubj001 --hemi lh --inflated --out ~/Desktop/NYU/derivatives/prfanalyze-vista/sub-wlsubj001/ses-nyu3t01/inflated.lh.eccen.mgh

However, upon attempting to read the output in MATLAB, I observed that all the vertex values were zero.

Does anyone know what mistake I made that I got this result?

Thanks a lot in advance,