Converting p-files from GE scanners into dicoms?

I am working on a multi-site study that with a GE Scanner in one of our sites. I want to convert all the dicoms into bids format using dcm2bids, but I am having some trouble with the GE dicoms looks like its due to aliasing. I talked with the MRI tech who works on the GE scanner at UCSD and he suggested I use the p-files and he has a script to convert them to nifiti images. However, I need to convert their p-files to dicoms so that I can use dcm2bids. Does anyone have any suggestions or software packages for doing this?

I believe the p-files will be underspecified to convert to DICOM. I think the ABCD group did develop code to convert these to a DICOM format, as described here. My sense is that Hauke Bartsch or Don Hagler would be the people to contact. However, my memory is that the resulting DICOM files did not precisely mimic GE DICOM data, so you would want to carefully validate the output of dcm2bids (or any other tool that calls dcm2niix).

The other approach would be to convert these to NIfTI directly. Take a look here and here. Perhaps you could use the existing DICOMs to get most of the data required for BIDS.

Hi Robert did you ever find a solution for converting p-files to DICOM?