Converting to bids- dcm2niix issue

I’m using dcm2niix in order to convert a bold serie to nifti.
In the past- it worked ok for most of the data.
All of a sudden, I’m facing the following issue in some of the scans:

Slice positions repeated, but number of slices (104) not divisible by number of repeats (104): missing images?
Warning: all images appear to be a single slice - please check slice/vector orientation
Convert 104 DICOM as _bold (672x672x1x104)
Warning: Check that 2D images are not mirrored.
Conversion required 120.030998 seconds.

(Have a debug log also, if needed)

Would appreciate your kind help.

What version of dcm2niix are you using? If you are using a version prior to v1.0.20180622 please test with the latest version. If that still has issues with your image, please submit a new issue on the Github page.

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Many thanks- I’m using the last compiled windows version (last mricrogl version):

“Compression will be faster with pigz.exe in the same folder as the executable
Chris Rorden’s dcm2niiX version v1.0.20170624 (OpenJPEG build) MSC1900 (64-bit Windows)”

I’ve also noticed conflicting behavior in the default compression option in the current version, but it doesn’t bother me- only the error in the first message is ruining the pipeline.