Coordinating concurrent access to BIDS folder

hi all

We have a use case for BIDS where the root folder is shared with concurrent access (NFS/CIFS). For the moment we haven’t had any accidents (and there are backups), but as a ex-backend web developer, this makes me cringe – files are not suitable storage for concurrent access. We also have data protection requirements which do not allow for copying data all over the place.

I am curious if there are any efforts to build a BIDS server which would provide modern database guarantees (ACID) for the BIDS database? I have a few ideas how to do it, but I’d like to see if this is just us or there’d be wider interest.


I haven’t heard any talk of moving away from being purely filesystem based for most of the tools around BIDS.

How many people do you have working on datasets at one time, and how many of them are writing files?

5 - 10 people; for the most part only 1 or 2 people are writing a particular part of the data, so the most common problem we’re trying to avoid is partial reads.