Correct BIDS format for multiple functional scans with only 1 anatomical scan

Hello everyone

I’m now at the piloting stage and just had my first fMRI scans ever :tada:

I’m having trouble with fmriprep and before investigating further in that direction I began to wonder if my data isn’t in the correct BIDS format - more specifically, I have 11 functional runs, each with slightly different parameters and 1 anatomical run.


Is there a specific way such data should be stored?

Thanks ahead!

Hi @Shahar_Ben_Noun,

If you only got that warning in the validator, then your data should be BIDS valid and work with fmriprep.

You can use the acq-<> label to differentiate them, making sure to also describe more fully how each acquisition is different in the BIDS README file.


Thanks a lot! Have a great day :smile: