Could fmriprep provide a summary 2D image for data quality review?

Is it possible to make a summary text or HTML file for data quality review like AFNI (@ss_review_driver)? For example, a report including subject IDs and their information of head motion ( num TRs above mot limit), TSNR, etc.

Have you checked out MRIQC? I believe the group reports will provide the information you’re looking for (and more!).

Examples here: MRIQC also generates a CSV file with summary statistics per participant/session in addition to the visual reports. If you’ve got a BIDS-compliant dataset it’s quite easy to use, similar to running fmriprep.

These are the image quality metrics that MRIQC reports:

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Thanks a lot. Very useful suggestion. It seems that I should use MRIQC to control data quailty first, and then feed good data to fmriprep.

That is the preferred workflow. First make sure your raw data look good, second run fMRIPrep only on those participants whose data passed QC.