Cpac wrapper in python 3.x returns invalid syntax

As best as I may, I’ve followed the instructions for installation of cpac in python 3.x:

$: pip3 install cpac

and I have grabbed the latest docker image through the command: docker pull cpindi/c-pac:latest


$: python3
>>> import cpac
>>> cpac run --help
  File "<stdin>", line 1
    cpac run --help
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

what am I getting wrong here?

Hi! The tool should be called directly from a Unix shell, such as bash (e.g., if you’re on Mac or Linux, what the terminal will boot into by default), rather than a Python shell. The wrapper is written in Python, but produces a command line utility for you to use directly.

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ah I see. I’ve tried that but it didn’t find the cpac command line. Is there a directory that I should add to my path (Linux)

It is now working once I invoked sudo when doing the pip install.
thanks for the help!