Crashdumpfiles not written into workflow directory


When setting up my Nipype workflow, even though I specify a working directory and configure a crashdump directory for it, Nipype still writes the crashfiles into my root directory from which I call the python script, which makes my directory structure quite messy.

I use this code to specify the working directory and all the processing is also nicely put in it, only the crashdumpfiles are not.

metaflow = pe.Workflow(name='metaflow')
metaflow.base_dir = workDir # set working directory
metaflow.config = {
    "execution": {"crashdump_dir": op.abspath(op.join(workDir,'nipype/crashdumps'))}}

The directories all exist. Does anyone have an idea what might be going on?


Yes, I don’t think this configuration entry is properly respected. Can you open an issue at

Yes, will do that later tonight.