Create a roi from tractography endpoints

Hi everyone!

I have created Arcuate Fasciculus fibers of 50 patients.
I want to:
-Cluster each AF into 3 subcomponents
-Turn the endpoints into regions of interest and map them onto brain surface
-Aggregate each region generated from these subcomponents for all 50 patients and map them onto brain surface…

I can do this with DSI studio, manually but havent been able to find a way to do it in python and automate all the process.

Do you have any suggestions?


I guess whether this would work out of the box is dependent on what you mean by “Cluster each AF into 3 subcomponents”.

Using TractSeg, you can segment 4 components of the SLF (including the AF) and produce the endpoints for the tracts. By looking at the documentation, do you think that would help?