Create project from sleuth file

Hi everyone!
I have a quick question :slight_smile:
I have been trying to upload my sleuth file for neurosynth, however I’m persistently getting the error:
“Unexpected format. (Hint: Did you omit a colon or use a semi colon instead of a colon?) Encountered error at: Reference=MNI”
Could you please help me troubleshoot this? I’m confident there are no format errors. To be totally sure I actually used the example text that’s provided on the website in the upload text file (below), and it still gives the same error! Prior to doing this, I did give it real data in the correct format and it was giving me the error.

Looking forward to your help!
(btw, I’m a PhD candidate at Monash University in Australia :slight_smile:

// Reference=MNI
// DOI=10.1016/1234567
// PubMedId=67123237
// Smith et al., 2019: Working Memory vs Baseline
// Subjects=23

// DOI=10.217/1234568
// PubMedId=23782389
// Roberts et al., 1995: 2 Back vs 1 Back
// Graeff et al., 2000: 1 Back vs 0 Back
// Edwards et al., 2017: 2 Back vs 0 Back
// Subjects=62


Thank you the issue report.

I’ve notified the developer on this and he will respond as soon as possible.


Hi @parvsagar

I’m one of the developers working on neurosynth-compose - thanks for your message.

Do you mind either (1) uploading your sleuth file to a reply in this forum OR (2) sending your sleuth file to our email:

I can then take a closer look at what the issue may be.

The documentation is slightly misleading - the “/t” actually represents the tab character, not literally a forward slash followed by a t. After replacing “/t” with " ", it should work. I’ll improve the documentation for that in future releases.