Daily Q&A sessions now on zoom webinar

We’ve been having persistent problems with crowdcast Q&A sessions - presenters dropping out, downtime, unbearable echo, etc. It’s time to switch to a more robust platform. Starting today with the Asia/Oceania Q&A, we will switch all of our sessions to zoom webinar.

  • Q&As and other livestreams (professional development and special events) can be accessed via the URL neuromatchacademy.org/stream. It redirects to a zoom webinar magic URL.
  • Livestreams will be happening on zoom webinar, which has question upvoting and chat, much like crowdcast, and runs inside of the regular zoom interface
  • Livestreams will be rebroadcast live on YouTube
  • Recordings will be tagged and available for replay on YouTube within 8 hours

We are broadcasting this change on all our channels (slack, Neurostars, WeChat, the current crowdcast, etc.) . This should lead to minimum disruption, and better experience for both observers and interactive sutents.


If you can’t vote on questions, e.g. because you use the zoom client on ubuntu, you can join the meeting directly in the browser as explained here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/214629443-Zoom-web-client#h_d058aa08-10b5-4c9f-b029-4ce9603bb2d1.

For me, doing that with Firefox, I could then vote on the questions in the browser.


Thanks for the work with this. Regarding the youtube streams, it would be great if it is possible to label them with the date of the stream