Dark theme for neurostars

I’ve been looking for enabling a dark theme for neurostars, but couldn’t find one.

I can always add a dark theme plugin to my browser but it tends to slow things down, and also often is buggy.

If it is not available, maybe this could be added by neurostars admins? looks like it is possible Dracula a Dark Theme for Discourse - theme - Discourse Meta

However I am not sure there is a “meta” channel to give feedback on neurostars in neurostars.


Hi, Thanks for getting in touch with regarding the Dark theme for the Neurostars. Since it is going to affect the global look & feel and all the users, we may not be able to immediately implement it. How ever we will check the possibilities.

Thanks for taking the time to properly categorize my post, I should have seen this category.

Thanks for the feedback @PradeepGeorge ! What this extension would enable is for users to access the option in their profile, I think. You would have the same default, but users would be able to switch. So there wouldn’t really be an impact on the look & feel of the website, just more flexibility for users. At least that’s what I understand from this thread: Allow users to select dark / light theme - admins - Discourse Meta

Thanks for the clarification @pbellec. We will definitely check the possibilities.

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@pbellec As requested, we have implemented the provision to switch to a dark theme on a user level.
As shown in the image, you can switch the theme color scheme from your profile preferences/interface page.



awesome, huge thanks I really appreciate it!

and here is my new neurostars landing page, in its dark glory :slight_smile:

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