Datalad create SSH sibling

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I am having a similar problem. I am on Mac OSX 10.14.6 at home and in the office. I’m connecting to my office machine from home.
datalad and git annex are installed and in the path on both machines:

which git-annex
which datalad
datalad: aliased to /Users/dpat/anaconda/envs/datalad/bin/datalad

I use zsh by default, but tried with bash as well.
From inside my test directory, Datalad101 on the home machine, I am trying to create a sibling on feckless, the work machine:

datalad create-sibling dpat@feckless:/Volumes/Main/Working/Temp -s DL101

I get this error message:
[INFO ] Connecting …
[ERROR ] git-annex is missing. It’s required on the remote machine to create a sibling [] (MissingExternalDependency)

I did a brew upgrade git-annex (just in case)
but it makes no difference.

Can anyone suggest an appropriate strategy? Maybe i have the command wrong?