Datalad: difficulty creating github sibling

I’m trying to create a sibling and repeatedly fall into this:

$ datalad create-sibling-github --github-organization "templateflow" --github-login oesteban --dataset tpl-MNIPediatricAsym tpl-MNIPediatricAsym
[WARNING] Failed to query keyring: a bytes-like object is required, not 'list' []
[ERROR  ] a bytes-like object is required, not 'list' [] (TypeError) 

That happened with pip-installed datalad-0.10 & NeuroDebian’s git-annex-standalone and also with conda installed datalad-0.11.5 & conda installed git-annex (2019X)

Writing the password with the --github-passwd command seemed to work out.

could you please file an issue on with output of datalad wtf -S system -S dependencies - I suspect that keyring module to blame

Should anyone have a related problem, here is a solution to what seemed to be a similar issue as the one in this thread: