Datalad get some ses-x only

sorry about the silly question, I just can’t find a solution for it :frowning_face:
I did datalad clone GitHub - OpenNeuroDatasets/ds000117
now I want the ses-mri only , so I was trying datalad get sub*/ses-mri but no luck (if cd /sub-01/ses-mri/ I can datalad get anat for instance) but of course I’m hoping for a higher level get all ‘ses-mri’



What happens when you tried to get all the sessions with the sub* method? Did you run into an error?


actually worked … despite some messages saying the opposite

base) cyrilpernet@xxxxx> datalad get sub*/ses-mri
Total: 4%|███▏ | 328M/8.79G [00:58<25:17, 5.58M Bytes/s]
Get sub-12/ses-mri/func/sub-12_ses-mri_task-facerecognition_run-05_boTotal: 5%|▊ | 435M/8.79G [01:04<20:32, 6.78M Bytes/s] get(ok): sub-12/ses-mri/anat/sub-12_ses-mri_acq-mprage_T1w.nii.gz (file) [from s3-PUBLIC…]

when checking the data integrity this seems correct -