"datalad publish" fails

I am following the documentation here for updating a dataset in a git-annex repo with datalad:

I get all the way through the first “datalad publish …” command in Step 5 here:
datalad publish --transfer-data=all --to=origin
datalad publish --transfer-data=all --to=afni_ci_test_data
… but the second one fails with:

[INFO   ] Publishing Dataset(/home/afniHQ/FOR_TEST_AFNI/afni/tests/afni_ci_test_data) data to afni_ci_test_data 
Total (0 ok, 6 failed out of 6):   0%|                                               | 0.00/123k [00:18<?, ?B/s][WARNING] Running copy resulted in stderr output: git-annex: copy: 6 failed

I am not sure what the problem is. I don’t see how to turn on greater verbosity. Is it a permissions error? Or something else?

This issue has also been opened on that webpage, too:

for additional support.

I have recently come to learn that “datalad publish” is now deprecated. The datalad version from the testframework environment.yml is 0.13.6.