Datalad push causes KeyError('bytesize') (KeyError)

I am trying to sync only git annex symlinks with datalad to a locally started GIN server, but I get the KeyError(‘bytesize’).

I tried the following commands in a runtime environment started with binderhub.

  1. datalad create --force
  2. git annex addurl --fast --file sample3.csv
  3. datalad save sample3.csv
  4. datalad -l debug push --to gin

    * git annex key has data size.
    sample3.csv → ‘.git/annex/objects/p3/q7/URL-s723–https&–https&’

The version of datalad and other software is below.

  • datalad==0.15.4
  • git==2.35.0
  • git-annex==8.20210903

I am thankful for any advice.
Rino mizuguchi


  1. fix is proposed: push: Assume 0 bytes pushed if git-annex does not provide bytesize by yarikoptic · Pull Request #7049 · datalad/datalad · GitHub although could not reproduce on --fast added one – may be you had --relaxed one already?
  2. could you please run datalad status --annex in that repo with current (or newer) datalad. what do you get?

Thanks for your reply, yarikoptic.

  1. –relaxed option was not added. Initially, when the error occurred, the following command was used.
  • datalad addurls --nosave --fast .tmp/datalad-addurls.csv ‘{link}’ ‘{who}’
  1. datalad status --annex results in the following, sample3.csv is not displayed.