Datalad run with extra arguments

I am wondering whether it’s possible to use “datalad run” with extra arguments that are not input or output arguments. I guess I could use the output argument as a workaround but this doesnt seem to be too handy.
Thank you in advance.

you can run it with as many or as little arguments as you want ! or am I missing the point? e.g. see

❯ datalad run bash -c 'md5sum * > MD5SUMS || : '
[INFO   ] == Command start (output follows) ===== 
md5sum: github.com_datalad_datalad-registry_issues_125: No such file or directory
[INFO   ] == Command exit (modification check follows) ===== 
run(ok): /tmp/tttttt (dataset) [bash -c 'md5sum * > MD5SUMS || : ']
add(ok): MD5SUMS (file)                                                                             
save(ok): . (dataset)