Datalad save not working - not saving to superdataset

Hi all!

After copying data to sourcedata, I run a datalad save command (from the superdataset):
" datalad save -r -m “copied sourcedata for sub-KUL063 from LaBGAS J-drive on KU Leuven server”".

When I run a “datalad status -r” command the working tree is not clean. It seems like the changes to sourcedataset were saved to sourcedata, but the changes to sourcedata do not get saved to the superdataset.

The strange thing is that this problem only started occurring a few months ago, and it occurs for some users but not for others. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance and kind regards,


need more information…
what does git status say? is sourcedata a proper subdataset/git submodule? what version of datalad?