'dataset_description.json' is missing, but I don't think it is?

Hi, I successfully used nii2bids to put some data into something looking like BIDS format.

But now, I try to run fmriprep on the dataset, and the validator trips on the filenames (some listed below), which look to me like the specification but apparently are not?

fmriprep-docker /Volumes/vision/Data/BIDS/bidsout /Volumes/vision/Data/new_pype/output participant --participant-label sub-01

What is wrong here?

1: [ERR] Files with such naming scheme are not part of BIDS specification. This error is most commonly caused by typos in file names that make them not BIDS compatible. Please consult the specification and make sure your files are named correctly. If this is not a file naming issue (for example when including files not yet covered by the BIDS specification) you should include a “.bidsignore” file in your dataset (see GitHub - bids-standard/bids-validator: Validator for the Brain Imaging Data Structure for details). Please note that derived (processed) data should be placed in /derivatives folder and source data (such as DICOMS or behavioural logs in proprietary formats) should be placed in the /sourcedata folder. (code: 1 - NOT_INCLUDED)
Evidence: sub-01_run-01_bold.json
Evidence: sub-01_run-01_bold.nii.gz
Evidence: sub-01_run-02_bold.json
Evidence: sub-01_run-02_bold.nii.gz
Evidence: sub-01_run-03_bold.json
Evidence: sub-01_run-03_bold.nii.gz

It was apparently ok with the T1 filename…



Please refer to the specifications described here: https://bids.neuroimaging.io/

More specifically, your files are missing the task-<task> label.


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