Dcm2bids: tmp/helper folder

Newcomer to mri preprocessing…

I have perhaps a naive question, but I did not find the answer in the documentation.

At the moment, I run the dcm2bids_helper command on a single participant file, which populates the Nifti files in the helper folder. After I have converted this to BIDS and am ready to start with the next participant, do I need to clear out the helper folder before running the dcm2bids_helper command again?

Many thanks and I hope this is appropriate for this forum.

Hi @aftonnelson,

I believe dcm2bids creates separate subject (and session) sub-directories, so the nifti files should be properly segregated. Though it’s worth checking out with another subject to be sure. Once you’ve finished converting your entire dataset and have validated that it’s BIDS-compliant, you can remove those tmp folders that dcm2bids generates.