Dcm2niix in nypipe not working and no error message


I am trying to convert my dicoms with the dcm2niix function in python and used the following code:

func_out_dir = output_dir+vp_name+"/func"

converter = Dcm2niix()
converter.inputs.compress = ‘i’
converter.inputs.source_names = func_b1_dcm[1] #string for dicom file with full path … see output
converter.inputs.single_file = True
converter.inputs.out_filename = “func_bl_1.nii.gz”
converter.inputs.output_dir = func_out_dir

‘dcm2niix -b y -z i -x n -t n -m n -f func_bl_1.nii.gz -o /data/…some long path…/0003_MR000014.dcm’

Problem is now that no nii is written in the output folder and no error is given …
Also tried for a list of dicoms and selecting a whole folder by using soucre_dir

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance

@bgagl - thanks for reporting this.
could you a new issue on the nipype github with all the relevant information that in the issue template? Thanks!