DCM2NIIX: No Slice-Timing output

Hello, I was under the impression that the slice-timing output in a json file was working well for images scanned with a Siemens machine.
Although when I convert some dicom files, the field just doesnt appear at all.
Using dcm2niiX version v1.0.20190410 Clang4.0.1 (64-bit MacOS).

Here are sample Siemens EPI datasets from B12…E11 Siemens systems (as well as Siemens XA10/XA11). In general, dcm2niix should generate slice timing for any Siemens EPI data with at least two volumes that is B15…E11. dcm2niix will often extract slice timing from XA files, but users need to be aware of errors in this new format. If you still have issues, I would suggest generating a dcm2niix github issue and providing the full BIDS json file.

The current development build (v1.0.20190719) and future stable releases can estimate slice timing for older Siemens DICOMs using the tag sSliceArray.ucMode in the CSA Series Header (0029, 1020). The method is described here. Sample images for B12 and B13 are provided here.

I would be grateful if users analyzing old datasets (pre B15) could test this new feature out, as I only have access to a limited number of images.