Decoding with nested CV process hanging

I am running the simple decoding process on our dataset with a nested CV. We have successfully run the process on a subset of about 100 subjects, I am now attempting to do it on a sample size of a little over 400, but I am afraid the process is hanging. I originally used “n_jobs=-1”, but then tried “n_jobs=1” after advice from other sources, but it still seems to be hanging after fitting the first iteration. If anyone could please help, thank you!

The input:

grid = GridSearchCV(anova_svc, param_grid={‘anova__k’: k_range}, verbose=1, n_jobs=1, cv=10)
nested_cv_scores = cross_val_score(grid, X, y, cv=10)

Current output:
Fitting 10 folds for each of 11 candidates, totalling 110 fits
[Parallel(n_jobs=1)]: Using backend SequentialBackend with 1 concurrent workers.

It seems to hang there.

Thanks again.