Deleting obsolete versions of bids app on Docker

Together with @Amogh_Johri we have pushed a new version of the rsHRF bids app.
The docker image is uploaded to

This is an account with username bidsappsdev and we don’t know the password (two years ago @chrisGorgolewski took care of letting us in).

The uploading still works since the ID and Password for this account are present as environment variables in circleCI, but we cannot see them.

So now we would want to delete the previous inconsistent version from the container.

Any idea?

Thanks already


Hi @Daniele_Marinazzo

Thanks for your message! I can help you with this. I see several tags in this repository, may you please clarify which versions you would like to be deleted?

Thank you,

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Dear @franklin

Thanks a lot for your help. The version which is to be removed is 1.2.1.

Warm regards,
Amogh Johri

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Hi @Amogh_Johri

I have removed version 1.2.1 from the repository. Happy to help!

Thank you,