"derivatives" tab on openneuro vs derivatives folder in "files" tab

I have uploaded a dataset on openneuro

The main file folder, according to BIDS, contains a “derivatives” folder with several subfolders

Then there is the “derivatives” tab, which contains mriqc and fmriprep, which seem to have been automatically generated.

Is this how it is supposed to be? For example a colleague asked me for some derivatives, I replied that they were on openneuro, and they were looking in the “derivative” tabs, where they could not find them, since they are under the “files” tab.


yes openneuro does generate derivatives (mriqc +/- fmriprep) and they are stored as separate datalad datasets

the derivatives sub-folders that may have been uploaded with the raw data are distinct from those generated by openneuro and are part of the same underlying datalad dataset as the raw

not sure if that helps