Despiking in FSL

Is it possible to apply despiking in FSL? If yes, how do you do it in the GUI/FEAT during participant-level (level1) analysis?

The Ciric benchmarking paper on nuisance regression strategies uses AFNI 3dDespike during confound regression (3dDeconvolve). However, my task-based fMRI pipeline is built around fMRIPrep for preprocessing + FSL for analysis.


Not a direct answer to your question, but despiking is incorporated in XCP_D which is built to post-process fMRIPrep data. Perhaps you might find it useful. GitHub - PennLINC/xcp_d: Post-processing of fMRIPrep , NiBabies, HCP, and DCAN outputs. You can use it to perform despiking and nuisance regression, although it will not run the task GLMs. As far as I know, FSL does not have a despiking tool analogous to 3dDespike.