Detection of Alzheimers Disease using Imaging and Biomarkers

hi guys,
My name is Sreenu studying B.Tech 4th year in Computer Science and Engineering in Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. I am working on a project for advance detection of Alzheimers disease. I like to know in detail about fMRI data processing and visualization. I would like to know in detail about NIFTI objects and how to work with them. It is very important because more than half of the people who are old are getting affected by this Alzheimers disease, there is no cure for this disease but we can prevent its development. I am new to this field so resources for the basic concepts and guidance will be very helpful.
The commonly used words in this topic are: Alzheimers Disease,Biomarker,NIFTI images,fMRI data,Python,Neuro Imaging

This course would be a good start:

If you’re interested in learning more specifically about fMRI, I would suggest this YouTube video series:

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Thank You so much…sir