Developers and Post-Doc positions at the MNI

The Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) is working to become the first
institution to develop and implement an institutional open science framework
with the Tanenbaum Open Science Initiative. We hope open science will help
trigger a paradigm shift in how we do science in academia.

Over time, The MNI has developed platforms for data dissemination, pipeline
executions (cf the MNI atlases, the LORIS and CBRAIN projects), becoming a
vibrant neuroimaging community. Recently, the Canadian Open Neuroscience Platform
and NeuroHub -the neuroinformatics platform for the Healthy Brains for Healthy
Lives program at McGill- are two large initiatives aiming at building the
next generation of research platforms.

The MNI is looking for post-doctoral fellows and developers who are
interested in neuroinformatics and/or running neuroimaging and neuroscience data
analyses to develop reproducible and collaborative data management and
processing platforms, leveraging projects such as DataLad and ReproNim.

If you know either neuroimaging, genomics, or know scientific
computing or databasing, and like to develop in python, or javascript, etc, and
if you are interested in constructing a platform to make science more
reproducible, interoperable, efficient, open, reusable, please contact us.
We are a vibrant, diverse, innovative and welcoming scientific community
and wish to make progress in the understanding, diagnosis or treatment of
brain diseases.

You can send expression of interest and CV to and, we are at OHBM in Singapore and would be happy to meet
with you there or in Montreal.