dHCP 2nd release json files are not readable

Hi dHCP data team,

It seems all .json files under each subject folder have the wrong format. The files are not readable because the PhaseEncodingDirection part is incomplete as below. I could simply delete the comma and use it. I am posting this in case you didn’t notice this.

   "Space": "orig",
   "SkullStripped": false,
   "PhaseEncodingDirection": [
   "i-", ##### This comma needs to be deleted
   "TotalReadoutTime": 0.0852171497584,
   "MotionCompensation": 1,
   "EddyCurrentCorrection": 1,
   "Denoising": "None",
   "IntensityNormalization": 0,
   "NonLinearCorrections": 1

Best regards,

Hi Heejong

Thanks for pointing out that typo. We will soon drop our 3rd release with > 800 subjects, and I will make sure that we don’t repeat the error.

WRT. to release 2. I will discuss update options with the team, but the most expedient way forward for you would be to delete the comma.

Cheers, Sean


Do you have a date (more or less) for the next release?


Hi Tommaso

We don’t have a fixed date yet. We are in the final stages of preparation for release and I think it is likely the release will be out before Christmas.

Cheers, Sean

Hi Sean,

Thank you for your answer. That is very nice! I am really looking forward to it!