dHCP data beyond demographics

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Will the next dHCP data release include information beyond the basic demographics, I am particularly interested in socioeconomic status, or possibly maternal anxiety? Thank you!


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I’m interested in these data as well, did you were able to access it?

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Yes, the answer is that we have a large amount of ancillary data- clinical, demographic, cognitive, developmental and genetic which we are currently arranging to make available. The limiting step is a legal framework which allows data that might potentially allow reidentification to be shared without risk. The process is advanced and we hope to make this data available in the next few months. The bigger picture is that the data wlll all be transferred to the national data archive in the USA for permanent storage and distribution and that process is being set up now

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Thanks for the answer. I’ll keep an eye on this.

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Hi, I wanted to check if there was any way we can get extended demographic information for the participants (variables mentioned in the code book).


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Hi, I’m interested in demographic data (age and gender principally) of second and third releases. Unfortunately I found out that source data does not include this information. I am conducting research on baby dwi images and really need this data. Can anyone know how to get age and gender?

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I was wondering if there are any updates regarding the availability of individual behavioural data discussed above. Specifically, I am curious about Table 1 in Eyre et al. 2021 where they report mean Bayley scores.

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we are nearly there! the data are going to the NIH neuroinformatics hub, and there have been some issues in getting them across, but we are making good progress and I really hope clinical and follow up data will be there very soon. genetics a little later and epigenetic and eye tracking some way behind, but the basic follow up is (I really hope!) imminent


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Thank you very much for your reply. Will those data be available on https://data.developingconnectome.org, or is it another NIH platform? I will keep an eye on the dHCP website!

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Dear David, do you have an update on the data availability of clinical and follow-up data? Will it happen this summer or does it take a bit longer? Thank you very much!!