dHCP infant data downloading issue


I would like to download the age-at-scan infromation of your subjects from the first cohort, but the links are broken. Could you help?
Thanks, Lilla


Dear all,

I also needed the dHCP spreadsheet from the first release that included the age-at-scan and sex. Unfortunately, the download link is down.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




Hi Arash,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please let me know your email, then I can send a copy of requested spreadsheet to you.



Hi Jianliang,

Here is my email: arashnazeri (at) gmail.com

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I seem to have a similar problem:
I registered through the provided link.

However, when trying to log in, I get the following message:

Your login attempt failed because the username and password combination you provided was invalid or your user already has the maximum number of user sessions open. After 5 failed login attempts, your user account will be locked. If you believe your account is currently locked, you can:
Unlock it by resetting your password
Wait one hour for it to unlock automatically

Resetting my password doesn’t work either, I get the following message:
Your account is currently disabled. Please contact the system administrator.

Could you please help?

Thank you,


Hi Sophia,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Your request has been sorted. You can now login with your registered username and preset password.

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Hi Jianliang,

I am trying to download the release 2 data, but there is no available data to download. It looks the process of uploading has not finished yet. Just want to make sure my guess is right? and if yes, when will the upload done?




Hi Yun,

Upload of data has completed. Can you please give more details on how you tried to download?

Best regards,


Here is the screenshot!

Thanks for your reply!


Hi Yun,

Can you please try to login your account again? When you access any subject and the corresponding session(s), if you see only “Show counts”, you need to click on show counts before trying to download the file. Alternatively, you can try to download by torrent at https://academictorrents.com/browse.php?search=dHCP

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

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Hello Jianliang,
I have the same problem as Yun and can not use torrent. I did not understand the first part of your answer


Hi Michal,

By default, when you login and choose any session for the first time, you will see “Files” column with “Show Counts”.

Only when you click on “Show Counts” (any of them), and then click on “Ok”, you will see a refreshed page with “Files” column shows file size (also some “show counts”, means those images aren’t available). . Until now, you are allowed to download images.Does it make sense?

Best regards,


Hi Michal,

Can you please let me know a bit more detail about the reason why you can’t use torrent?

Best wishes,


Hi there,

II registered with the username rousseau
When I login, I get this message :
Your account is not currently enabled, possibly due to inactivity.
Enter your email address to send a reactivation email.
[Send Activation Email]

But after email verification, I still can’t login.
Could you please look into this and advise?

Thank you!


Hi Jianliang,
I am a registered user, but cannot log into my account. When I try to change my password, I get an error message saying that my account is disabled. My account in lzollei. Could you please help?
Thanks, Lilla


Hi Lilla,

Your account is reactivated now. Please try again. You’re welcome.

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Could you reactivate my account as well? Under username: dyt811. Thanks.



Hi Yang,

Please try again. I can’t find your detailed registration information such as Lab/Department/Institute/Country. Your account may have problem to login.

Best regards,


Would you be able to activate my account also? My username is dbl1137. many thanks, Emma


Hi Jianliang,

I am downloading the anatomical data. It doesn’t seem that the the 40wk T2w template nifti image itself is included in the 2nd release. Is it possible to download the template file itself?