dHCP infant data downloading issue



Hi Everyone,

Has anyone downloaded the dHCP released 40 infant data successfully following provided link?




Hi Yun,

There’re some IT issues at Imperial apparently.
You can always get the data via bittorrent (how cool is decentralization :sunglasses:?) as long as you’ve got the torrent file. We can’t disclose it for legal reasons unfortunately but if you email a team member they’ll kind pass it on to you :wink:

The torrent will prompt you with the same data user agreement than on data.developingconnectome.org but please don’t forget to register on the platform when it’s back online.
We use this as a way to update you with future data releases and updates to the dataset.


we’re back online at https://data.developingconnectome.org/ where you can register and obtain the metadata


Thanks! I am able downloading !!!



Great! Glad it helped! Would be awesome if you could click on the three dots icon at the bottom of my post and select the tick box “Select if this reply solves the problem” to pin the solution.


Thanks for your help.
I have one more question regarding the baby age.
I could not find age or gender information from the downloaded data.
Do you know where I can find it? Also regarding of the 500+ baby which will be released hopefully soon, do you know the rough age range about that? Or where I can find such information?
Appreciate your help.



New question => new topic :wink: