dHCP structural measures comparison


I run the structural measures pipeline from the dHCP and after reading different posts here, I’m trying to find some reference values from the sulcal depth, area and curvature, to check if mine are right.

I used the version 1.1.1 from the dHCP pipeline and the structural measures pipeline locally. My cohort is a set of terms and preterms scanned at term equivalent age.

My average values for 262 babies are:

Volume = 381077.3909
Thickness = 1.307830335
Sulc = 40.82020252
Curvature = 2.457561616
GI = 2.138029269
SA = 68060.16513

Some of them seems a little bit off, but I have the impression it is a matter of units… Any advice on this? Thanks in advance.

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