Dicom (from pacs) to bids in openneuro automation module

Hi, I wonder if there is in OpenNuero a way to self create bids from querying pacs for dicom.
thank you so much,

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Check out this Horos (Osirix) plugin for BIDS export from PACS servers: https://github.com/mslw/horos-bids-output

For programmatic OpenNeuro uploads you will have to wait until this is implemented: https://github.com/OpenNeuroOrg/openneuro/issues/200

You should also check out ReproIn for PACS -> BIDS automatic workflows: https://github.com/ReproNim/reproin

Great!, thank you so much!
Iā€™m not osx user so I think Reproln wiil be my choice :smile: :top:

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