"Dicom Images Not Found" Error


I am attempting to run by dcm2bids_helper to create my config file, and I received the error that “Dicom images are not found”. I realized this error occurs because the dcm2bids helper by default only searches 5 paths/files deep within a subject ID. I believe there is a flag that can be used to change the depth so that dcm2bids helper can search deeper than 5 files, but I am unsure what the specific flag is to make this happen.

For reference, my dicom images are 6 files deep from my subject IDs. I’m currently running
"dcm2bids_helper -d /Users/Owner/Box "…etc to set the path to my subject IDs and their corresponding dicom images. When I moved one participant’s dicom images to make the path only 5 files deep, the dcm2bids_helper was successful. Any input on what can be done to change the search depth for dicom images to run the dcm2bids_helper would be great.


hi @Megan_O_Brokta ,

Thank you for your feedback. Can you please add an issue directly on the github repo ? Issues · UNFmontreal/Dcm2Bids · GitHub

Thank you in advance


I added this issue to Git Hub. Any feedback is much appreciated!

@abore if Github is the correct place for usage questions, the Dcm2Bids documentation should be updated. This would reduce the number of redirections.

@neurolabusc the documentation is correct. @Megan_O_Brokta found a small bug that needs to be fixed, that’s why I redirect her to the github repo issue page. Usage questions should be posted here on neurostars.