Difference between framework and model: follow-up after the Q&A session (Zone 2, Day 1)

During the Q&A there was a question whether there are models that cannot be put in the what/how/why classification and one of the speaker said that there is also a difference between framework and model. Free energy principle was mentioned as an example of framework.

My question is: where lies the difference between framework(s) and model(s). Is it complexity? Or the range of phenomena it accounts for? Or sth different?

Also: what are others examples of frameworks in neuroscience? Is predictive processing an example of framework?

Not sure if this is in any way correct but I would think of it like

A model is one of the “what”, “how”, “why” explaining and by term “model” kinda implies that you have data or a phenomena that the model can be applied to or assessed by.

A “framework” would be an approach/lens/way of looking at something.

ie. one could think about cognitive from a Piaget approach, or Vygotsky. You could think about learning and memory with a neurobiological framework or a cognitive framework.

I guess a framework might help identify at which level your model should address your question at?

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