Discretizing Cortical Surface as Squares on a Lattice

Hello NeuroStars community,

I’m currently engaged in a neuroimaging project focused on approximating the cortical surface of the brain as a collection of equi-sized and equi-spaced squares, forming a 3D lattice with each square representing the tangent surface at a specific cortical point. Using Freesurfer, I have successfully processed T1 MR images, resulting in pial and white matter surfaces.


  1. What is the most effective way for discretizing the cortical surface into a grid of squares?
  2. Are there specific considerations or challenges unique to neuroimaging data that I should be aware of when implementing this type of discretization on the cortical surface?

I would greatly appreciate any insights, code examples, or references that could aid me in implementing this approximation. Thank you for your expertise!

Best regards,