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Hello, the FID-A toolkit is a MATLAB-based toolkit for magnetic resonance spectroscopy data processing and simulation. This tag was created to give a forum for discussion of any and all issues related to the FID-A toolkit. Looking forward to some good discussion!


Dear experts

I have acquired 2D multi-voxel CSI spectra in brain using Philips scanner. I want to average spectra from 2-3 voxels that fall under my targeted brain region and then convert the resultant spectra in LC-Model recognizable format.

My query is whether this can be done using FID-A toolkit or not??

I am able to load my csi Philips SDAT data using the command "out=io_loadspec_sdat(filename, subspecs). Being naive to scripting, I need some guidance on how to proceed further with the multivoxel data.

Thanks in advance…

Dear FID-A community,

I would like to ask for your kind support.

I tried to run run_simMegaPressShaped. However I get the following error right at the beginning:

Siemens format .pta RF pulse file detected!! Loading waveform now.
Siemens format .pta RF pulse file detected!! Loading waveform now.
Undefined function ‘resample’ for input arguments of type ‘double’.

Error in rf_resample (line 39)

Error in run_simMegaPressShaped (line 109)

I’m not sure what could cause the issue.

I will be grateful for any suggestions.

Best regards