Display multiple searchlight results in a single figure

Hi I have multiple searchlight results(10-150) and wish to display them nicely in a single figure with different colors. Can you suggest any toolbox where it is simple to do so?

Hi @kshitid,

I haven’t done anything similar for more than 2-5 images, but for any kind of visualization, I would recommend nilearn. Nilearn’s plotting page shows you all possibilities: http://nilearn.github.io/plotting/index.html

Or check also out this page, with many examples of colored ROI visualization: http://nilearn.github.io/auto_examples/01_plotting/plot_prob_atlas.html

Have you thought about creating something like a “heat-map”? I.e. creating for each searchlight output a binary mask (thresholded above a certain accuracy value). And then compute the average of all those masks and plot the average with nilearn.plotting.plot_stat_map. Like this, you will have a visualization of percentage overlap between your searchlight results.

Good luck.


Hi @miykael,

Thanks a lot that helped